Sleep Tip of the Week:  Because everybody has had some experience of a poor night’s sleep you will receive lots of annoying and often insensitive advice e.g. ”have you tried… (Kalms, for example)?” or “I know how you feel!   I only got five hours sleep last night”.  Take a deep breath, unless they have experienced chronic sleep deprivation it’s impossible for them to understand what you’re going through, walk away and try not to punch them!

Insomnia Cheshire

Hi, I’ve set up this website to offer you some hope and practical tips if you’re having sleeping difficulties and in particular, if you are experiencing insomnia.  I experienced a four-year bout of chronic insomnia and I promised myself that when I recovered I would help other sufferers.  Quite honestly in the middle of my difficulties it felt like there was nobody out there who understood what I was going through.  This is such a lonely place to be, in the middle of the night everything seems darker and more difficult.  I'd love to give fellow sufferers a voice and encourage you to share your experiences and offer support to those who are still affected by this condition.

There are many people who offer advice on poor quality sleep but this is not of much use to someone who is experiencing insomnia.  In fact, I would have given my right arm to have some poor-quality sleep at the time.  Let’s be realistic the suggestion that you drink a cup of herbal tea before bedtime is probably not going to make any difference to full blown insomnia but it might, along with other ideas prevent your sleep difficulties getting to that point.  

I'd like to take you on a journey and give you some ideas of things that helped me to find a way out.  To be honest it’s a bit of a pick and mix.  My hope is that several of these suggestions, along with a few you pick up elsewhere, might provide the right combination to help you and get you sleeping in a healthier way.  It worked for me and now I work as a therapist specialising in insomnia.  

Please read:

I have set up this site to share my personal experience of insomnia and my subsequent experience as a complementary therapist.  

But please note:  I am not a qualified medical practitioner and I wish in no way to contradict any medical advice that you have been given. 


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