EFT or Tapping

This is one of the best therapies I have ever come across because it is often very effective and very quick.  It does not require you to go into great emotional detail with your therapist if you find it uncomfortable to do so.  Yet, you can still get to the root of the problem and deal with it so that you can move on.

Emotional Freedom Technique is also, known as tapping.  EFT is a therapy combining acupressure, acupuncture without needles, with psychological affirmations that remove the emotional attachment from issues.  This results in removing energy blockages which whilst in place have a detrimental effect on health and well-being.  It can look and feel strange when you start doing it but, very quickly you can start to feel a shift.

EFT is effective for most problems including: anxiety, anger, insomnia, fear of public speaking, self-esteem, guilt, forgiveness, shame, phobias, cravings, weight loss, smoking, PTSD etc.  It can also, be used used for pain and chronic pain; it removes the emotion attached to it and this in turn can help the pain.

It is a technique that you can learn to use independently whenever you feel yourself getting stressed or anxious.  It's amazing!

It can be a stand alone technique or used in conjunction with other therapies, whichever suits you best.

Accredited practitioners can be found at Aamet and the Therapist Register


How many sessions do I need?

That depends on what you need to work on and how well you engage with the process.  My own personal experience is that I managed to clear my chronic back pain after two sessions.  Many issues require less than half a dozen sessions, which considering they may have held you back for years is pretty good I think.

Tapping (EFT) sounds a bit silly to me do I have to believe in it for it to work?

No.  EFT works whether you believe in it or not. Once people start seeing results this creates belief in the process anyway and this boosts the process.  Just keep an open mind.

IS EFT safe?

Yes.  EFT is safe.  There are no known negative side effects.

Can I do it myself?

Yes, but sometimes it’s better to work with a therapist if you are in an emotional state, if the intensity of the problem is high or if you are pregnant.

Will EFT work for children?

Yes, children respond well to tapping.  It is quick, gentle and fun.  You can ‘tap’ a teddy bear rather than the child himself.

If it’s too painful for me to talk about my problem, do I have to?

No, we can avoid focusing on the exact problem because in EFT we want to avoid retraumatising the client.  Your unconscious mind knows what you are feeling and so we can treat the issue without discussing it in detail. 

What about medical problems?

EFT is a Complementary Therapy and is not a substitute for qualified medical advice.

Why use EFT rather than other forms of therapy?

  • EFT often works where all else has failed.
  • EFT can get to the root of the problem very quickly.
  • EFT is simple to use and can be used as a self-help tool, you can speed up the process by working independently between sessions.
  • It is safe.
  • EFT can be done via the telephone, which means location ceases to be a problem, and also a therapist can help in an emergency situation, such as a panic attack.