Mindfulness is becoming more and more essential to us in this busy world in which we live.  We have long understood the need to exercise and pay attention to our bodies but, we often leave our minds unchecked.  The result often is that we become overwhelmed, with a background soundtrack to our lives, that drowns out much of the positive and the good that is happening in our lives right now.

Mindfulness is simply not worrying about the future or resenting the past: it is focusing on the now and it can initially be difficult to put into practice.  It stills the chattering monkey brain which sends hundreds of thoughts flying across our consciousness shattering our peace of mind.  We also, miss experiences by being unaware, by acting out of habit, by living in a state of automatic pilot.  During automatic pilot negative thinking can influence our mindset without our realisation. 

Jon Kabat-Zinn says mindfulness reorients us, reminding us to be ‘present in your life as it is actually unfolding’.