Update Jan 2018

Medical Update:

More than six years after the onset of my insomnia experience I have finally gained some insight into my own condition,  My personal insomnia has three components:

  1. Parasomnias – in children these are called Night Terrors, in some adults they may be restless legs, in my case I am often across the bedroom screaming loudly before I wake.  This has been inherited from my dad.
  2. Sleep Paralysis – during REM sleep blood rushes to our brain where there is a lot of activity as the brain processes what has happened during the day etc.  During REM sleep we have an on/off switch which stops us moving about because given the amount of activity we would thrash around etc.  In my case, and 6% of the population the on/off switch is faulty.  I remain paralysed as I wake up and in this state of paralysis I often have the sensation that someone is leaning over me, this is not uncommon for the condition.  Cue more screaming!
  3. Hyper-arousal – that is difficulty switching my brain off from thoughts and worries.  The specialist congratulated me on how I manage my condition, he said that ‘despite interference from the medical profession I had managed it extremely well.’  anti-depressants and Temazepam etc could never have worked because they are for another condition!  The way forward? Mindfulness and calm (achieved through EFT and Hypnotherapy treating my Anxiety)