Positive Mental Attitude

Always think positively eg. Tonight when I go to sleep.

Don’t define yourself as an insomniac, rather if you refer to it consider that you are currently going through a period of restless sleep.  I use tapping (EFT) with positive affirmations to praise my brain for how well we sleep.

Take prescription drugs for sleep as a last resort, not your first go to. In my experience, they are not pleasant, the sleep you get is not refreshing, the morning after haze is horrible and they can easily become addictive.

Seek help from professionals if you think it would be useful.  Insomnia is usually a symptom of other problems many of them emotional or physical.  There is much you can do. Sleep medication may deal with the symptom of a problem (ie. difficulty sleeping), it does not get to the root of the problem.

Try and keep some control; when you’re worn out it’s normal to agree to your GP’s suggestions of medication etc.  If you don’t feel comfortable discuss it.  I agreed with my GP and pharmacist that I would only take half a sleeping tablet twice a week; this gave me two or three hours sleep twice a week and allowed me to continue working.

If you are exhausted don’t drive!  If on medication and you have an accident will your insurance cover you?

Because everybody has had some experience of a poor night’s sleep you will receive lots of annoying and often insensitive advice e.g.”have you tried… (Kalms, for example)?” or “I know how you feel!   I only got five hours sleep last night”.  Take a deep breath, unless they have experienced chronic sleep deprivation it’s impossible for them to understand what you’re going through, walk away and try not to punch them!

Persevere, don’t give up it’s easy to become despondent when you are exhausted.