Supplement Tips

Below is a list of some of the supplements that I have tried over time or, that I have seen recommended. I’m not suggesting that you take any of them, just putting ideas out there. If you do decide to try any please, read up on them and check with your doctor if you are already taking prescribed medication.

Camomile Tea
Dried Valerian Tea
Lavender Tea

Magnesium 375mg per day
Could you be short of Vitamin D and Magnesium?  Magnesium Glycinate has been shown to improve secretion of melatonin, this helps reset the circadian rhythm which is one of several natural bodily rhythms that we have, which all need to work efficiently.  It is also, considered to be a mood lifter because of the impact it has on serotonin/melatonin release.  It can be taken as a supplement but you can also use it topically.  I add magnesium flakes to my bath in an evening
St John’s Wort
Wild Lettuce Tea
Vitamin C 500mg, up to 2 a day

Deep Sleep Oil – rub around chest and neck area before bed.

A tip from The Face Yoga Method:  For all round health, drink a cup of hot water, in the morning and at bed time with a couple of shakes of dried Cinnamon, dried Cumin, dried Coriander and dried Ginger. You can add two more shakes of Cinnamon to mask the taste.  They raise the body temperature, increase blood circulation, boost metabolism, have anti-oxidant properties and remove excess water from tissues. Cinnamon is a blood thinner so before taking it consult your doctor if you have any issues.